Why Christ Lutheran?

"We love, quite literally, everything and everyone at CLS & are so grateful to have found a HOME within their school and church. Our children happily hop out of the car in the morning and jump back in with smiles and stories of what they have learned and interactions with staff and classmates in the afternoon. They receive such strong academic and spiritual guidance at CLS. This school has been the greatest blessing to our whole family!"

- Nicole, CLS Parent


"Walking through Christ Lutheran School, it is clear how special & unique it is. The mission of the administrators, teachers and students feels tangible and the energy is amazing. 100% focus on learning and Christ. No air of anything other than that - which is how a well run school should be! Thank you to the truly incredible teachers at staff at CLS!!! We are so blessed to be a CLS Family!"

- Zak, CLS Parent


“We came from a public school, and though our kids have to wake up earlier, are receiving more homework, and are held accountable for their work - there has not been a single complaint! They are rising to the challenge and eager to show what they have learned.”

-José, CLS Parent


“I give CLS a 10 out of 10 because the spirit of the Lord is upon this school. You can see it on the teachers and the staff. It’s an environment of love and safety. It’s been our home for 16 years now, and the relationships that have been cultivated are amazing. My 19 year old son, class of 2017, often says those were the best years of his life. “

-Kathy, CLS Alumni Parent


“CLS prepares their students for high school and college. One of my children is currently enrolled at Biola and the other is still in high school and they are thriving. I ask them why they think they are doing so well and they always say because of CLS. Through love and discipline they have showed our children what it is to be accountable and what it is to be a hard worker. My husband and I have been beyond blessed by CLS. My one desire is that my kids will live here and send their children to CLS."

- Robin, CLS Alumni Parent